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Frequently Asked Questions

How many people do you
send to my home?

Normally, we send a team of 3 - 4 uniformed Spruce Goose FAQ's
cleaners, including a crew leader to clean your home. Each crew leader checks the work and signs off on it. Barring illness, vacations and unforeseen circumstances, the same team will clean your home. We can also provide you with a single
housekeeper, but we have found that the team system is much more efficient and more cost effective.


Are you Insured and Bonded?



Are your employees covered
by Workman's Compensation Insurance?



How do you monitor quality?

Each crew leader/supervisor checks the other team-members'
work and then signs off on the work ticket.


Do I need to be home?

Most of our customers are not home when we clean their homes. We keep detailed
information about each client's home regarding pets, access, and alarm codes as well
as any special instructions. If you prefer to be home, we will schedule a time that
is mutually convenient.


How will you get into my home?

You can give us a key, hide a key, give us a code to the garage door if you have
a keypad outside or, make sure that someone is home when we arrive.


If I give you a key, how will it be protected?

All keys are marked for identification with a code and issued to the
cleaning supervisor for the day of your cleaning.


What about pets?

Most of our clients have pets of some kind. Pets are no problem, but we do need to know
if you have pets. Large and/or aggressive pets will need to be secured by the homeowner so
that we can clean your home, but if your pet will not mind sharing their space in your home
for your cleaning to be done, we will gladly work around them.


Is there anything I need to do before the cleaning?

Yes, please. In order to provide quality cleaning, pick up clutter
and secure cash, jewelry and other small valuables.


What if something is missed or not cleaned properly?

Simply call our office at (928) 453-6715 right away. We will have one of our supervisors
return to your home within 24 hours to correct anything that needs attention. We answer our
phone from 8:00am until 6:00pm Monday through Friday. You can also email us at


How is payment handled?

The method of payment is arranged at the time your home is scheduled for cleaning.
We accept Visa & MasterCard (card info can be kept on file for ease of payment), or you
can leave a check or cash on the kitchen countertop. A receipt will be left for your payment.


What time will you be cleaning my home?

Once a cleaning date is agreed upon, you are scheduled in our computer system.
Normal cleaning hours are 8:00AM to 4:00PM and we would prefer to have the flexibility
to arrive and depart between those hours, however special requests for either before or
after noon or as early as 7:30AM can usually be accommodated at no additional charge.


Who provides the supplies and equipment?

We will provide all of the cleaning supplies and "tools of our trade."
If you would prefer to provide the cleaning supplies, just ask us!


What about "special requests?"

Please communicate any additional chores or services or cleaning procedures
you desire directly to our office at (928) 453-6715. Every effort will be made
to accommodate you.


Do you clean windows?

Yes, for an additional fee.


What don't you do?

Our employees can not climb higher than a step stool, work outside the home,
move furniture, lift any objects over 20 pounds, prepare meals, or provide any pet
or children-related services.


How do I get regular service started?

Simply give us a call at (928) 453-6715, email us at
or complete our on-line service request.


Will the price always be the same?

For regular cleaning clients, once set, the fee will be the same each time we clean.


Do I have to sign a contract for service?



What is the availability of your services?

Our regular working hours are 8:00AM to 4:00PM Monday through Friday.


What if I want to cancel a scheduled service?

No problem. All we ask is that you contact us at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled cleaning. Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice are subject to a $15 cancellation fee. Please keep
in mind that each day's cleanings are scheduled in advance and cancellation may mean your
cleaning team may not have a full day's work.


What if my regular cleaning day falls on a holiday?

We will contact you ahead of time to arrange an alternate day for that week. We do not work
on New Years Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve
or Christmas Day.


How do I provide feedback on my cleanings?

If you find that anything was missed or not cleaned properly, just call our office at
(928) 453-6715 right away and we will have one of our supervisors return to your home
within 24 hours to correct anything that needs attention.


Should I tip the workers for a job well done?

Tipping is neither required nor expected. If you do choose to leave a tip (extra cash left on
the kitchen counter will always be considered as a tip, we do not provide change) it will be
shared equally by your cleaning team. Please be advised that an occasional note to the
team when they really impress you will mean a lot.


Can I hire your service provider directly?

No, and this is a major problem in our industry. Our Service Agreement states that you agree not to hire any past or present Spruce Goose Cleaning Company employee, other than through our office for a period of not less than 2 years from the date that employee last worked for Spruce Goose Cleaning Company, for any purpose whatsoever. In the event that you feel that you must hire this person in spite of this agreement, our referral fee to you is $2500 and is due in full immediately upon employment or use of the employee/past employee, regardless of whether the employment is regular employment or on a contract basis.